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$DERP token is at the heart of the DerpDEX ecosystem.
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“DerpDEX's rapid growth and successful NFT release underscore its potential and resonate with our vision at BlockDesk network. We are delighted to be part of DerpDex's journey in reshaping the DeFi landscape, and even more excited to bring this opportunity to our communities”

BlockDesk Ventures

“Paving the way for mutual benefits across both communities. This strategic partnership aims to create a synergistic environment where zkNS users and DerpDex traders can thrive together !”

zkSync Name Service

“By combining our strengths and expertise, we are empowering users and tackling the challenges in the DeFi landscape, bringing innovative solutions and opening up unparalleled opportunities in the web3 space.”


"Besides being funny, DerpDEX is probably the only meme coin with a great utilities - CLAMM DEX & Launchpad"

“Our partnership with DerpDEX aligns perfectly with our mission to transcend existing solutions by offering an unrivaled blend of capital efficiency and security. “


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Provide liquidity

Put your hard-earn $ to work

Trading fees and yield incentives are distributed to LPs proportionally. Of course, Derp DAO collects ⅓ of fees for token buyback and fees distribution for xDERP stakers. Yum yum.

Trade tokens

Swap tokens (and memes)

Inspired by Uni V3, CLMM algo enables liquidity providers to make more money to feed derp. We redefine the trading and capital efficiency on zkSync & Base.

Launch token

Get exclusive access to moonshots

Inspired by Elon, SpaceX and Polkastarter, derp your way into the rocketship projects of tomorrow. Stake your DERP to get exclusive allocation before it blows up!

Stake and farm

Put your $DERP token to good use

Inspired by a proven and deflationary token model inspired by Camelot DEX’s GRAIL & xGRAIL, stake, farm, vote and get whitelisted with your xDERP!